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Aros_Ar'Thalion (Elendar)
xillean (Xillean)
Dinduin: Crafting Coordinator

Bianca: RP Coordinator
Decorating: Blondie, Dtoxin
GU 60 is here!
Jun 1, 11 11:19 AM
Velious is Upon us Legends!
Feb 22, 11 2:20 PM
Feb 7, 11 10:58 AM
Game Update: Arcanum Revealed
Oct 21, 10 6:27 PM
Halas Reborn!!! ((Game Update Notes))
May 25, 10 2:32 PM
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Welcome to the Legends of Firiona Vie, an Everquest 2 Raid/PvP (RP Supportive) Guild on the Nagafen Server.

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GU 60 is here!

xillean, Jun 1, 11 11:19 AM.
Legends the newest GU is here! make sure to check out the new pvp changes and bg, and enjoy the new content regarding Drunder, new raid zones have been added as well. Go to the offical forums for more info :)

Velious is Upon us Legends!

xillean, Feb 22, 11 2:20 PM.
I hope this message finds all of you Legends good and well and happily enjoying the latest expansion. I wanted to remind you this is your one and only chance to change your main raiding toon after youve had a chance to check your new aas out. The new raid roster will be finilized Sunday.

Wed raiders are still expected to sign up and show up on time as normal, however in light of the new expac you will be formed into the best 3 or so groups we can and we will all go out and enjoy the expac together, be it timelines or running the new dungeons. During this time you will earn full dkp so long as your in velious working on obtaining the new gear we will need to resume raiding the actual zones on sunday.

Our first target will be the new x2, remember we have standby and if the turnout is good we will even go so far as to run the x2 with two x2's. You need to be aiming for a min of 100 crit mit, and no less then 150 crit chance for the x2. End goal is to have around 300 crit chance to always be able to crit vs mobs you may encounter and 250-300 crit mit as well.

So remember sign up for wed and enjoy the new lands with us as a guild and earn your dkp!:)


xillean, Feb 7, 11 10:58 AM.
Alright Champions we have decided to merge guilds with our raid allies Forgotten Legends. We will henceforth be known as Legends of Firiona Vie!
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